With 142 Acres of Prime Vineyards, we’d like to show you our unique hillside and mountaintop terroir.

In the hottest summers, our valley multiplies the heat, allowing our vines to get the exact amount of stressing with our ground level hydration system balancing the intense heat.

Tiered Hillsides

Taking inspiration from the rice fields of the great East, our vineyards are on staggered tiers all the way up the hillside of Pekingese mountain, allowing for a wide variety of grape expression and wide spectrum of varietal production. The top of the mountain brings forth some of the most crisp blends of Chardonnay, Semillion and Sauvignon Blanc. Not a lot of research has been completed yet on the effect of high winds on sheltered grapevines, but we’re seeing soaring scores and in addition to our expert winemakers, we’re attributing some of that to the wind.

Our Vineyards

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